The Book of Tea

Edited by Gian Carlo Calza

Ex libris
2022, 192 pp., 7 b/w
12x19 cm
ISBN: 9788833670560

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Tea with us became more than an idealisation of the form of drinking; it is a religion of the art of life. The beverage grew to be an excuse for the worship of purity and refinement, a sacred function at which the host and guest joined to produce for that occasion the utmost beatitude of the mundane. The tearoom was an oasis in the dreary waste of existence where weary travellers could meet to drink from the common spring of art appreciation. The ceremony was an improvised drama whose plot was woven about the tea, the flowers, and the paintings. Not a colour to disturb the tone of the room, not a sound to mar the rhythm of things, not a gesture to obtrude on the harmony, not a word to break the unity of the surroundings, all movements to be performed simply and naturally—such were the aims of the tea-ceremony. And strangely enough it was often successful. A subtle philosophy lay behind it all. Teaism was Taoism in disguise.



1. The Cup of Humanity

2. The Schools of Tea

3. Taoism and Zen

4. The Tea-Room

5. Art Appreciation

6. Flowers

7. Tea-Masters

Okakura. A Life in Style by Gian Carlo Calza