Proto-industrial Architecture of the Veneto in the Age of Palladio

A cura di Deborah Howard

2022, 288 pp., 175 ill. a col. e b/n
20x25 cm
ISBN: 9788833671819

€ 35,00  € 33,25
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The remarkable career of the architect Andrea Palladio (1508-1580) is underpinned by a dramatic increase in prosperity on the Venetian terraferma in both town and country, a boom due in large measure to a little-studied revolution in manufacturing. This book brings to light for the first time the architecture of these early industries, especially the production of textiles (wool, silk), mining and metalworking, paper manufacture, ceramics, sawmilling and leather-tanning. The huge surge in patent applications to the Venetian Senate in the period highlights the parallel technological improvements in both efficiency and quality. Former proto-industrial buildings across the Veneto, studied at first-hand, reveal the efficiency of hydraulic power and smooth-running mechanical processes. Water-power, a clean, renewable energy source, and structures made of natural, traditional materials, have much to teach today’s civilization.