Antonio Rossellino and Benedetto da Maiano

The Piccolomini D'Aragona Chapel

Paperback with loose plates, 33x24
ISBN: 9788885735071

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The Piccolomini d’Aragona Chapel is undoubtedly one of the most significant works of art produced in Naples during the fifteenth century. Despite the loss of some of the decoration, it still displays that perfect synthesis between the arts conceived by Antonio Rossellino to satisfy the demands of the Duke of Amalfi, patron of this remarkable decorative complex. Miraculously preserved in all their splendour, this chapel contains some celebrated masterpieces of the Florentine Renaissance: the Nativity altarpiece, sculpted by Rossellino himself together with his pupil Matteo del Pollaiolo, and the magnificent tomb of the young Maria d’Aragona, executed principally by Benedetto da Maiano.