Bartolome Bermejo

The Triptich of the Virgin of Montserrat

2023, 56 pp., 40 plates full color
Paperback with loose plates, 33x24
ISBN: 9788885735095

€ 20,00  € 19,00
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During the eighties of the fifteenth century Bartolomé Bermejo, the most gifted painter active in the Kingdom of Aragon in the second half of the fifteenth century, realized with the collaboration of Rodrigo and Francisco de Osona and their workshop, the Triptych dedicated to the Virgin of Motserrat destined for to decorate the family altar that Francesco della Chiesa, an Italian merchant residing in Valencia, had built in the Cathedral of his hometown, Acqui Terme. Thus the small town of Monferrato still today holds an authentic masterpiece of Iberian art in which the traces of the Flemish painting, so much appreciated by Spaniards and Italians in those years, are masterfully combined with the imprint of the Valencian figurative tradition.